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Lernen Sie das JAM-Team kennen:

Helen Cameron


Helen trained as a music therapist at the University of Melbourne in the 1980's as one of the first graduates of the music therapy course under Emeritus Professor Denise Grocke. Helen is influenced by the work of Nordoff Robbins Creative music therapy and Community music therapy and believes that music is an essential part of healthy development, as well as being fun!

Helen has worked in a variety of education, community, and medical settings throughout her career. Her focus is on children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing them with the opportunity to experience the power of live and active music-making.

Helen's recent  Master's research focused on support work in group music therapy.

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Gabriel Guo

Gabriel kam danach im Januar 2021 zur JAM Musiktherapie  Abschluss mit seinem Master of Music Therapy an der University of Melbourne. Er ist auch ein in China registrierter Musiktherapeut und arbeitet gerne mit Menschen mit multikulturellem Hintergrund. Gab liebt es, Gitarre, Klavier und Gesang zu spielen und interessiert sich sehr für Musiktechnologie. Gab arbeitet dienstags und samstags.

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Michelle Hines

Michelle originally trained as an occupational therapist (OT) completing a Bachelor of Occupational
Therapy at La Trobe University in 1996. She worked in Australia and abroad as an OT before deciding to combine her love of music and experience in allied health to complete a Master of Music
Therapy at Melbourne University in 2012. Her Master’s thesis explored adolescent
experiences of Metal music was published in the International Journal for Community Music in

Michelle now specialises in community and inpatient mental health conducting music therapy sessions at St. Vincent's Hospital in the Mental and Addiction Health Department. She has previously worked as a music therapist in various hospitals in Melbourne including, The Alfred, The Austin, Delmont Private, The Royal Talbot and Calvary Bethlehem in the areas of mental health, neuro rehab and palliative care.  

Michelle uses various interventions in group and individual settings such as song singing, lyric analysis, instrument playing and songwriting with a focus on utilising an individual’s strengths to facilitate communication, social inclusion, creative and emotional expression and self awareness. Her favourite instrument is the human voice and she is constantly fascinated by the therapeutic benefit when people discover and explore their own. 

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