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JAM music therapy is an
NDIS Registered Provider 

      To qualify for the NDIS you need to:

  • be less than 65  years of age

  • have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent (lifelong) and that stops you from doing everyday things by yourself,

  • be an Australian citizen OR

  • be a permanent resident OR

  • hold a Protected Special Category Visa


 How do I include JAM music therapy as part of my plan?


  •  Request a letter of support and a quote for services from JAM music therapy. Two weeks notice for the preparation of an NDIS report is recommended, however always ask if your timeline is shorter.

  •  Ensure you request music therapy in your first planning meeting.

  • Music therapy is an Allied Health Profession and a member of the Allied health professions Association and NASRHP (National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions) and is supported by the NDIS when deemed reasonable and necessary. Please contact us if you are advised to the contrary.

  •  JAM supports participants who are Self-managed, Plan managed, and NDIA-managed.


JAM is available for group and individual program participation

                                                                           INDIVIDUAL therapy

       Capacity Building, Therapeutic supports 

       Line item 15_615_0128_1_3

      $193.99 per hour


GROUP therapy

  Capacity Building, Therapeutic supports

Line item: 15_615_0128_1_3

$43.65 per session includes travel, planning, and preparation 

The NDIA prefers to allow participants and providers flexibility in negotiating arrangements.

  • JAM is also registered for Innovative Community Participation, a one-off payment to access community programs 

  • Line item 09_008_116_6_3

  • Contact JAM for more information and to arrange an assessment. 

  • For more information on Music Therapy and the NDIS visit 

 JAM music therapy includes GST in all fees 

Australian Music Therapy Association information:

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