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JAM groups are back!

February 2, 2022 is the start date for the JAM group sessions. Entering our 23rd year now we are excited to be back, live at the Hampton Community Centre. Just to reassure everyone, we will be following Covid safe practices with distancing between the chairs, cleaning of instruments and equipment in between (bear with us as we manage this part!). We wear KN 45 masks and will have extras available. We will be using the bigger room as well and aiming for as much ventilation as possible.

It is best if all Support Workers also wear disposable or N95 masks as it has been shown that mask-wearing is crucial to stop the spread of Covid. Here is a neat graphic I found:

So if you wear a typical surgical mask and we wear a KN95 we are getting 20% leakage over 2.5 hours. Given we are together for 45 minutes that is less than a third of that time period - so a third of 20% is around 6.25%. Also, we are all triple vaxxed at JAM. So we aim to provide you with the safest experience in these tricky times.

On a really positive note we have two new people joining JAM - Nathan Moloney is our new Admin assistant so you may get email from him regarding payments soon. He has fitted in beautifully, taking over from the wonderful Matthew who has spread his wings to a full-time job. Here is a pic of Nathan so you know who you are talking to:

And we will also have a music therapy student on his third placement - Dylan Corcoran ( no, I don't have a picture of him yet!) who starts on Feb 2 - our first session!

Looking forward to a really fabulous 2022 with you all at JAM!


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